We have selected these sites as they complement each other and are geographically suited creating a balanced tour. You can either just visit Bath or go on a Bath Plus tour where you visit Bath plus one other site. Bath and Stonehenge is a popular tour. 

Sites that combine well with Bath

City of Bath
The majestic sweep of The Royal Crescent

The City of Bath's beauty is recognised in its World Heritage Site status. See how the Romans harnessed the natural hot spring and built the Roman Baths, which date back 2000 years. Enjoy great architecture from when Bath city grew in Georgian times. In the 1700s Bath was the place to be. Jane Austen lived, and set some of her stories, in Bath. 

A Bath only tour costs   £745 taking 8 hours.

Windsor Castle
Queen Elizabeth's Favourite London Residence - Windsor Castle

The world's oldest inhabited castle and Queen Elizabeth II's favourite weekend residence. Windsor Castle is a fortress with sumptuous state apartments to visit and admire. St George's Chapel is the burial place of many Kings and Queens of England and home to the highest order of chivalry - see the glorious banners of the Knights of the Garter.

A Bath and Windsor tour costs £885 taking 12 hours. 

the 5000 year old Stonehenge

This unique and at least 5000 years old mystical stone circle has intrigued people throughout the ages. Find out how it was probably built as a  religious or ceremonial site. Unlock the secrets of the Solstices and marvel at  the feats of labour involved in moving, shaping and erecting these 40-tonne stones. Feel the atmosphere at this unique World Heritage Site.

A Bath and Stonehenge tour costs £895 taking 12 hours. 

Europes largest Neolithic stone circle at Avebury

Avebury is Europe's largest Neolithic stone circle. It cuts through Avebury village and the original outer circle of approx. 100 stones encloses two smaller stone circles. You can walk amongst the stones and feel their mysticism.  We can also visit Avebury Manor which dates from the 1500s and where you are encouraged to touch the display items and even lie on the beds.

A Bath and Avebury tour costs £895 taking 12 hours. 

Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral with Englands tallest spire

Salisbury Cathedral is set in a charming Close, has the tallest spire in England and is considered one of the finest medieval buildings in Britain. It has a varied collection of artefacts including a story of love and posion! We will also see one of the original Magna Carta which defined human rights in 1215 and heavily influenced the American Constitution.

A Bath and Salisbury tour costs £885 taking 12 hours.