We have selected these sites as they complement each other and are geographically suited creating a balanced tour. You can either just visit Brighton or Arundel Castle or go on a Plus tour where you visit both Brighton and Arundel Castle.

Brighton and Arundel Castle Tours

Brighton Pavilion
Regency opulence at the Brighton Pavilion

Prince Regent (later King George IV) built Brighton Pavilion as a pleasure palace in the 1700s, putting Brighton on the map as a fashionable place to be seen; it is still a popular resort today. See how he entertained his guests at lavish parties. Wonder at the different styles: the opulent Chinese interior and the dramatic Indian exterior. Enjoy a traditional English seaside town.


A Brighton only tour costs £600 taking 7 hours. 

A Brighton and Arundel Castle tour costs £720 taking 10 hours. 


Arundel Castle
Arundel Castle - family home of the Duke of Norfolk

Built nearly 1000 years ago Arundel Castle was restored in the 1800s as the home of the Duke of Norfolk. Sitting above the town it has outstanding views across the countryside and you can imagine defending the land and fortress. The Duke still lives there and we can see some of their family rooms. Enjoy the fine gardens with a renowned spring tulip display.

An Arundel Castle only tour costs £600 taking 7 hours. 

A Brighton and Arundel Castle tour costs £720 taking 10 hours.