Sites that combine well with Hampton Court Palace

We have selected these sites as they complement each other and are geographically suited creating a balanced tour. You can either just visit Hampton Court Palace or go on a Hampton Court Palace Plus tour where you visit Hampton Court Palace plus one other site. Hampton Court Palace and Windsor Castle is a very popular tour. 

Hampton Court
Hamton Court Palace viewed from across the Privy Gardens

Hampton Court is two palaces in one: the Tudor palace belonged to King Henry VIII and its scale is brought to life when you see how he housed and fed his 400 courtiers. King William III built the grander baroque palace in the 1600s. It was built to impress, especially when the King was conducting State business. The gardens are renowned for their colour, design and history.


A Hampton Court only tour costs £485 taking 5 hours.  

Windsor Castle
Queen Elizabeth II's faourite weekend residence - Windsor Castle

The world's oldest inhabited castle and Queen Elizabeth II's favourite weekend residence. Windsor Castle is a fortress with sumptuous state apartments to visit and admire. St George's Chapel is the burial place of many Kings and Queens of England and home to the highest order of chivalry - see the glorious banners of the Knights of the Garter.

A Hampton and Windsor tour costs £655 taking 9 hours. 

The Neolithic mysticism of Stonehenge

This unique and at least 5000 years old mystical stone circle has intrigued people throughout the ages. Find out how it was probably built as a  religious or ceremonial site. Unlock the secrets of the Solstices and marvel at  the feats of labour involved in moving, shaping and erecting these 40-tonne stones. Feel the atmosphere at this unique World Heritage Site.

A Hampton and Stonehenge tour costs £735 taking 10 hours. 

The soaring pillars and ceiling of teh nave at Winchester Cathedral

As the capital of King Alfred’s Wessex and the early capital of Norman Kings, Winchester can lay claim to being the first capital of England. Walk through this charming, historic city to visit the Cathedral that dates back to 1079 and a castle that houses one of the greatest symbols of medieval mythology: King Arthur's Round Table. Jane Austen died and is buried here. 

A Hampton and Winchester tour costs £690 taking 9 hours. 

Snow scene of the Radcliffe Camera reading room at Oxford

Famous for its ancient university which dates back to the 1200s, the Colleges of Oxford University shape the bustling city of Oxford. Visit at least one College to find out about student life, and as we walk amongst the honey coloured buildings you will learn about our education system. For Harry Potter fans there are sites to visit and recognise from the films. 

A Hampton and Oxford tour costs £690 taking 9 hours.